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Turntable Dilemma: Part 2

So here we are again, although if you've read the edit of my previous blog post, you'll probably have guessed that this dilemma has nothing to with the turntable per-se, but with the audio equipment.

Let's recap. Turntable purchased; she's a dream. Everything I could have wanted and more. I then went ahead and utilised the bluetooth capability and connected the Bose Home 300 speakers - this did not sound too good. I threw on (gently) L.A Woman by the Doors and the sound quality was sub-standard - very muddy with not much clarity, so this were sent back. A pair of speakers was what I needed.

So then purchased what I though to be powered speakers; the Dali Spektor 1's from Amazon for a reasonable £149. I obviously didn't do my research so I was a little bamboozled when trying to connect them to the built in pre-amp on my Pro-Ject T1 BT turntable - shoutout to HiFix. I figured at this point I didn't want to buy an amplifier so to increase the cost even further (I was trying to stick to a budget), so these too were returned to the shop.

3rd time lucky? Think again. I then went ahead and correctly purchased a pair of Edifer R1280's powered speakers in ash black, again from Amazon. Needless to say at a budget price of £119.99, they didn't have the juice I was looking for. The volume level on these things are far too low, and the base in non-existent, even when cranked all the way up. I was quite surprised as I had read some really positive reviews on these speakers. I played a bunch of records - most notably the new-ish Japanese pressing of Highway 61 Revisited by the great man himself, Bob Dylan. Too quiet. Even the harmonica squeals were not penetrating enough for me. I expected my ears to be bleeding, but they were yearning for more.

So, now we approach attempt number four, and I've decided to go balls deep and splash a little extra cash on what should be suitable equipment for my listing pleasure. I've gone ahead and ordered the Denon DM41DAB Black amplifier, which comes as a package with the Dali Spektor 2 speakers. Now, the speakers and amp come highly recommended by, so if this package doesn't work, then I'll probably jut give up and start collecting stamps or something.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got 3 pairs of speakers to return.


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