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Spotlight: Blood On The Tracks - The Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Creation

Ah, the heartache, the pain. The sorrow. Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks was the first Dylan record I ever listened to in it's entirety...and I instantly fell in love with his grief.

Dylan, though highly acclaimed in the 60's, seemed to have lost his touch during the early 70's. Nashville Skyline came in '69, but it wasn't until '75 when this masterpiece was born...from a breakdown of his marriage no-less. Silver linings and all of that.

Anyway, I digress a little. I'm a collector of Japanese records; whether they're pressed in Japan or not doesn't really concern me. I'm a big fan of the little extra detail which Japanese records posses, such as the obi strip, or for want of a better example, the t-shirt that came with the 50th anniversary edition of The Doors' self titled album... all be it at a slightly more inflated price. Leading onto 'Blood' (is it affectionately called that? It is now), I managed to snag this beauty for less dough than I would have otherwise paid for the regular edition - neat... but also, still über expensive! So is it worth the money?

Now, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs have been around since '77, so they know a think or two about audiophile recordings, and in their own words are 'the undisputed leader' in this field. It's hard to argue with them when they're able to create something so...distinct in it's sound. Each instrument can be dissected and individualised, but not so much so that it's like they're plying in different rooms. The cohesion is still there, it's just the different elements are more crystallised and succinct, especially on 'Tangled Up In Blue'.

In short, this is money well spent and a definite collectors piece which should remain the defining version of Blood On The Tracks for eons. If you're a die-hard Dylan fan, or your record collecting strategy involves collecting the BEST pressing of any particular album, then you need to own this. The packaging isn't best considering it's ever increasing re-seller price, but the audio more than makes up for that.


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